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Murder Mystery, Fiction Books,

by Gale Laure, the Author!  

October 1, 2016

Murder Mystery, Fiction Books,

by Gale Laure, the Author!  


 Fiction Book Author Story at the movies!

Recently, I met the producer and director on a suspense thriller movie set. Author, Gale Laure, was a guest of Chuck Walker, Director and Sam Cable Producer of Walker Cable Productions LLC. They were shooting the suspense thriller movie, Backstabber. Backstabber won an award at the Worldfest Movie Festival in Houston, TX.




I also was able to meet and speak with the stars of the movie, the Backstabber, on several occasions!   What a great experience!  

I met and spoke with actor, Lorenzo Lamas, and actress, Tammy Barr.   They are starring in the soon to be released suspense thriller movie, Backstabber!   Mr. Lamas and Ms. Barr are both exceptionally talented individuals.   



The supporting cast were great too!   I was surrounded by talented, creative people. This was an experience I will never forget.

The Author,

Gale Laure


Fiction Book Cover, Evolution of a Sad Woman, Explanation


Please notice the cut-out of Kizzy's eye on the fiction, book cover.   You can see below.   It looks like a paperdoll.   Was Kizzy a paperdoll to the men?  

Notice the cartoon-like tears and blood.   Were they real?

Book Trailer! 

Watch a book trailer, about Kizzy and the extremely different men who loved her!   You can watch the book trailer with a click on this book trailer video link.  

Watch it to gain a little insight into why Kizzy had to be a different woman with each of the men!   They travel a dark, perilous road to find out who killed the woman of their dreams!    

Fiction Book, Series of Announcements!

Check out the following fiction book, series of announcements about Evolution of a Sad Woman.   "The Story of Kizzy", is a fiction book series and now available to readers worldwide!

You will enjoy reading crime, detective, romance, suspense and thriller fiction books by the author, Gale Laure.   You should check out my book giveaway!  


Virtual, Book Tour!

Check a virtual, book tour, that will be repurposing a previous book tour.   Read Gale Laure's author interviews and blog posts from a previous virtual, book tour!  Click on this virtual book tour Gale Laure, link now please.

         Her Beautiful, emerald, green eyes

will haunt them forever . . . .

With the brutal murder of Kizzy, five men---strangers---are forced to share their love and passion of Kizzy.   She has been a different, enticing woman with each man!   

When they open their hearts, the pain and love she left will pour forth.   Their dangerous adventure down a dark, dank, crime-ridden road comes to an explosive, exciting, surprise conclusion!

Experience Gale Laure's unique "visualization writing style".

Read the first chapter of my fiction book, Evolution of a Sad Woman, "The Saturday Night Murder!   It will appeal to mystery romance novel readers who also enjoy reading books with crime, detective, suspense and thriller genre through out the book!

Attention Fiction Book and Murder Mystery Readers of Books:

Are you looking for a fiction book, murder mystery, excerpt to read?   Click this fiction book link and begin reading chapter one.   The excerpt is from the fiction book, Evolution of a Sad Woman!    


Murder Mystery Story

Are you looking for a free, short, murder mystery story?   Click on this, murder mystery story link.  Read a free, short, murder mystery story.   It is, "The Saturday Night Murder", murder mystery story from Evolution of a Sad Woman.   There is no cost or obligation!  



How To Buy The International Selling Fiction Book

Find out how to buy the international selling murder, mystery, romance, suspense and thriller fiction book, by author Gale Laure.   You have a choice.   You can buy it at the independent or online book store of your choice!  

Check out the Gale Laure Bookstore information 24/7!   Find out how to buy, Evolution of a Sad Woman, now!  

Click the Gale Laure Bookstore information link.     

Evolution of a Sad Woman, is available as an ebook download, Kindle book, or softcover paperback through the Gale Laure Bookstore.   You can buy it at the nationwide, international, or independent bookstore of your choice!   Shipping and handling is not included!


Murder Mystery, Romance, Suspense and Thriller,

Fiction Book Reseller

Attention fiction book reseller of murder mystery, romance, suspense and thriller books.  If you are selling Evolution of a Sad Woman, the book author, Gale Laure, will include your link within the author's high ranking website.

Please go to the book reseller page & complete the form.   The author, Gale Laure,  wants to support all online, independent and international fiction book dealers, book sellers and bookstores selling Evolution of a Sad Woman, in examples of city, country, or state listed:       





Murder Mystery, Romance, Suspense and Thriller Warning Notice


Attention all murder mystery, romance, suspense and thriller readers.  Please read the following,  Evolution of a Sad Woman, warning notice.  

Evolution of a Sad Woman, The Story of Kizzycontains language, violence and sexual situations  which may not be suitable for all readers. 

Enjoy reading my debut fiction book, Evolution of a Sad Woman!


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